J.Margus Klaar

Stockholm office

Margus’s main tasks are to create homogenous and single minded concepts out of disparate, and, sometimes at first sight contradictory, information. He is a skilled speaker and often runs Branding and Service Design trainings and workshops with clients, working through their brand challenges together. His projects span from global lifestyle and sports brands to healthcare services, education, public sector challenges as well as consulting startups on innovation and product development.

He is a frequent speaker at marketing and service design conferences, universities, as well as an experienced mentor and design manager for different business and product development programmes.

Being somewhat of a cosmopolitan man, he is involved in international projects at Brand Manual. As of August 2013 he has been in charge of expanding Brand Manual’s network by setting up an office Stockholm and more recently yet another one in Maastricht.

+46 722 52 30 64


skype: jmklaar