Wendre: an industry captain that looks the part

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Wendre: an industry captain that looks the part

Wendre is one of the biggest bedding producers in the world. It churns out 12 million blankets and pillows a year and is cherished by top retailers in Europe.

But unless you get inside, there is nothing to give away the company’s huge scope. Even its own workforce had little idea they were producing the better part of the continent’s bedclothes. And it took a bit of effort to convince prospect clients that there was more behind Wendre than the timid first impression suggested.

A €100 million company steps out of the shadow

Wendre operates on 40 markets with its 8 factories spread over 5 countries. Keeping it all together was the biggest challenge – whether producing a pillow case in China or selling one in England, it had to be a a part of one operation. Both its key factory in Estonia and the owner of the company, Peter Hunt, have quite a story to tell. This history needed a fair presentation.

Nothing new was invented, but the assets the company had – identity, brand name and legend, fact sheets and values – had to be cleaned up and wrapped up in a coherent package. It had to be universal, understood and quoted across borders and by all stakeholders. To get there, we went shopping and checked out how their products were displayed and sold. We also talked to people inside the company and out. And the only way to learn the ropes was to work at the factory for a day.

The new identity system that was created takes cues from previous ones – brand colour, folded motif – but presents it in a much grander, bolder way. It is designed to adorn both the production facilities as well as Wendre’s signature products across the range.

Launched in December 2014, the new identity was first introduced to the folks at Wendre. A clear graphic timeline takes pride in the company’s rich history, the new teal flag reminds everyone of the company’s great scale and even grander ambitions. A lot of implementation work still lies ahead to make the brand universally recognisable and its value renowned.

Wendre timeline

60 years of Wendre’s history laid out in an engaging time thread

Wendre used a plethora of identities over the past decades

Wendre production

One of Europe’s biggest bedding producers – and not shy to show it

Wendre facade logo

Wendre signage system

Wayshowing and signage systems for production facilities

Close-ip of Wendre pillow package

Signature product lines