Ühismets – money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it?

Work Ühismets TÜ 10.01.19

Ühismets – money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it?

Ühismets is a communal fund that makes forest ownership accessible. It also takes care of the property so that investors can feel good about their money. They will see it grow over years, literally.

While making forest ownership easy, we had to deal with people who don’t know much about financial services. The fund is addressed at people who are risk-averse, seeking for a reliable investment. Ideally in something that they can touch and smell. Regular folks who are wary of the financial mumbo-jumbo but are also cautious about investments that promise a quick return.


A brand that has to work in the wild

A brand that has to work in the wild

Forest is an emotional investment. But also a responsible one.

The identity system had to be robust and reliable. The communal character of it means that it needs to work on many levels and for people with different levels of expertise – experienced investors and first-comers, city folks and families living among the woods, forestry professionals and financial gurus.

Ühismets is also very value based. The fund is founded by people who care about their country and want to be commercially successful without hurting the land and trees on it. Grown responsibly, forestry is a sustainable branch of the economy. Therefore the founders are also looking for investors who share this attitude. Brand Manual worked with the client team to define these values and to set a common goal for all parties involved.

Ühismets truly believes that it is the best possible owner for the forest. Everybody wins – Estonia stays one of the most woody countries in Europe. Investors know that their money grows at a steady annual 3,5–4,5%. The fund is transparent – members can monitor the value of their shares online or take a walk in the forest bound by orange signs. All activities – from planting to maintaining to harvesting – are reported.

Ühismets strives to become the definitive private forest owner in Estonia. Its aim is to become a benchmark of good forest ownership and also the top of mind investment opportunity. That will take years to accomplish – but it was never meant to be a fast buck.