Västerås is located in Mälardalen and in the future

May 27, 2015

Having discussed the importance of creativity and how to nurture the creative spark in people, we had the great pleasure of visiting Expectrum. It is a meeting place for innovation, run jointly by Västerås city and the regional businesses and enterprise associations. The purpose of Expectrum is to enable more businesses to grow through a creative meeting of research and education which facilitates growth, consolidation and promotion of progressive ideas. Swedish innovation is huge and growing. Largest in the world per capita, in fact. We tried augmented reality, 3D printing, cycling around Sweden without leaving the building and built self cleaning brooms, all in a truly inspiring environment.

Thank you Expectrum for the mental stimulation. Thank you Care of Haus, our host for the meeting of the Agency Leaders Round Table. And thank you KOMM, for initiating the Round Table.