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August 30, 2013

On September 2, Brand Manual opens its Stockholm office. To do this, some changes have taken place. Namely, Göran Crafoord has joined the team as CEO of Brand Manual Sweden. Göran has over 25 years of experience in communication and marketing as both strategist and creative director. His insight and empathy allows him to quickly understand the underlying motivations of people and tailor messages and services to meet real requirements.

Before joining Brand Manual, Göran was CEO and creative director at Clinton Agency, a specialized B2B and public service communications bureau with a distinct service design mentality. This has made the transition to Brand Manual smooth and his approach to projects is already driving process development ahead.

Joining him in Sweden is one of Brand Manual’s founders, J.Margus Klaar. Originally born in Sweden, Margus has spent most of his life everywhere else, not least of all the past 20 years in Estonia. Since 2009 he has been building Brand Manual in the knowledge that eventually, growth of the company will allow expansion abroad.

Margus has over 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, communication, advertising and service design. As a new industry and discipline, Margus has helped develop many of the tools and processes that have made Brand Manual one of the pioneers in service design in Northern Europe.

Portrait of Jaak-Margus Klaar

Together, Göran and Margus, with the back-up from Tallinn, will build up Brand Manual Sweden. We expect to be able to boast of some success in one year, and cordially invite you to Brand Manual Sweden’s first birthday party on September 1, 2014. Location to be disclosed next summer:-)

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