New dog new tricks

April 20, 2016

Much like the universe, Brand Manual too is constantly expanding. Villu Koskaru, meet everybody. Everybody, meet Villu.

Villu has learned in the best school for graphic designers imaginable – working for 13 years in a major newspaper Eesti Päevaleht. Unforgiving deadlines, a mass of colleagues and a very tight framework have made him one of the most efficient professionals in the business. The next obvious step was getting the toughest school in the creative industry. For 8 years he worked in Division, the leading advertising agency in Estonia as a designer and Art Director. It taught him how to handle both creative prima donnas as well as a plethora of clients from every field imaginable. At the same time, he has lectured Layout Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and laid out 800 books himself as a pastime.

By the spring of 2016 it was time to up the ante – so Villu joined Brand Manual. His aim is to get more focused now, working with service design clients and helping them to streamline their workflows. He’s also using his immense experience to fine-tune Brand Manual’s own design processes. But as he has put it himself – one should never stop learning. So we’re really excited to see what will emerge once Villu’s technical skills get synthesized with the incumbent pool of craft.

In Villu’s own words:

“Designers are like engineers of the 21st century. They have to fuse creativity with problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in their work. Instead of just reading the client’s brief, designer brings in a user-centred approach. This ensures that the result is not just appropriate, but also sustainable.”

Seems like the perfect man to join the company.