Merry Christmas Experiment

February 2, 2011

A phone call from a confused client inspired us to make public, and thus conclude, our little Christmas card experiment. We had almost completely forgotten the whole thing, since it all took place more than 6 weeks ago. It appears, however, that due to the “good” service of global postal companies there is still plenty of room for late Christmas greetings and pleasant surprises. So be sure to check your snail-mailboxes every now and then.

Xmas Experiment 1


On December 13th we posted three different postcards (see the winter magic above) with Brand Manual’s best wishes to our clients and friends from 10 different locations all over the world: Estonia, Russia, Portugal, USA, Malaysia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden and God knows where (we really don’t remember the last two locations ;). So it was a random lottery for the recipients, when and from where they would receive their three cards, and apparently it is still happening, as a card from UAE finally made it to one of our Estonian clients 2 days ago. Only to be followed by another one from Kuala Lumpur that made it to Tallinn today. Who knows how many cards are still on their way or have been lost on their quest of getting together the big picture.

For those that are still waiting for their set of cards or want to pay their tribute to the ones that went “missing in action”, here’s copys of all three of them

PS. How did the 4 of us manage to post cards from 10 different locations, thousands of miles apart, all at the same time? Send us a postcard when you figure it out!