From kiosk to convenience store

May 2, 2013

After three years of meticulous work with one of our prime clients, R-kiosk, we have something to show now. The kiosks are really changing – not just the looks but the whole approach to servicing their clients.

This is one of the cases where we didn’t draw a new logo (this one came from Finland), but helped the client to design something that really matters – new business model, shop layout, product range, service concept, communication templates.

We’re just half way and a lot is yet to be done. Bringing this concept to life would not have been possible without the help of the best retail specialists from KAHAL, who spent sleepless nights making it all happen. And will spend a lot more, as there are over a hundred kiosks to upgrade!

But we can already be proud as the first new kiosks are operational and are quite easy to find by the smell of freshly baked pastry and good Italian roast coffee.