A funny thing happened the other day…

February 9, 2015

Our client called us and said, “stop what you’re doing. We can’t handle any more customers!”

But what happened before that? Well, our client, Sjukgymnastgruppen had been successful for a very long time. However, recently competition had shown up and started to take their business away from them. (Sjukgymnastgruppen is a company of certified physiotherapists specialised in orthopaedic manual therapy and psychosomatic physiotherapy.)

Of course they had a website, but it wasn’t built for converting browsers to customers. So, before they had too much business and called us to “STOP”, they had the opposite problem. And it was our task to fix it, through digital channels exclusively. We designed a four step plan to bring them back to black.

Step one was reworking the website (mind you, it was not a redesign). We restructured the content to follow more the customer’s behaviour of information search, rather than the doctor’s understanding of what was important. The second step was to generate a lot more traffic through Google search by optimising search key words on the homepage. Step 3 and 4 never saw the light of digital day, because that’s when we got the call.

Today, Sjukgymnastgruppen’s challenge is to take care of all their new customers. Through changes to website structure and better use of search, we raised the amount of bookings for treatment via the site 156%!

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