We help You make things work the way Your customers expect them to work.

Since 2009, when we started Brand Manual, we’ve been talking about service design and branding. Over the years these have developed into full-fledged courses, where we provide the tools and methods to improve and innovate services that build your brand from the inside out.

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Why do we teach?

Because we adamantly believe Einstein’s axiom, that “if you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t know it well enough.”

By teaching we hone our own skills. By teaching we help our clients become better companies (and better clients). And let’s be honest – service design can be a bit intimidating and fuzzy, if you haven’t run into it before. Learning about it, before buying services, makes everything better and easier.

If you’re curious about knowing more about service design get in touch with us. Courses can be custom tailored to your organisation’s team and needs. You’ll learn service design while solving real problems at the same time. Or you can sign up for our periodic service design masterclasses.


What do we teach?

Service design is a customer / user centric development process that helps you deliver a better customer experience. At a time when quality is universal, and you and your competitors say the same thing about the same thing at the same time, the customer experience is the only source of competitive advantage left.

The relationship between your customers is beyond your control.

What they share is their experience of your brand. By learning to understand your customers, you can design their experience. A better experience delivers customer recommendations, which fuels over 92% of purchases!* (Nielsen)

In learning service design, you will first and foremost learn empathy.

You’ll learn the methods and tools of how you can “walk a mile in your customer’s shoes,” to realise, that no matter how good the shoes, they won’t improve the pavement. Understanding the customer’s motivation behind decisions, why they do things, not just what, will allow you to become not only customer centric, but customer responsive throughout your whole organisation..

And it’s not only about your customer.

It’s as much about internal processes and internal “customers”. Often, we presume that inside the organisation things will go automatically. However, often external services fail only because internal processes have failed to take into account how people really work. Change is something people resist unless they understand and “buy” the reason for change. Service design methods are equally applicable inside the company as outside.

Our trainers

J.Margus Klaar
Co-founder & partner / ‭+372 507 8934‬
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Kaarel Mikkin
Co-founder & partner / +372 5116 555
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