Some five years ago, making advertising got to me.

Helping clients, managing a team, solving problems all kept me sharp. Unfortunately, there was little of this kind of work in the ad agency. Most of my time was spent making run of the mill products and services just look special.

Does this sound familiar to you, too?

That’s why we established Brand Manual. Here, we don’t start designing before we’ve taken the product apart and put it back together again. So that it works the way people expect it to work. Making it look nice, is the cherry on the cake.

Brand Manual is growing, and fast. So I’m looking for a colleague to come join me in our Tallinn office. An Art Director, who in addition to experience and a sharp eye has a desire to do things right, not just right things. Moreover, an AD who has the empathy to work daily with clients and designers, and motivate them both to get better results.

If this is you, then write to me.