Service design

Delivery gap | Service DesignTo consistently deliver a valuable customer experience, you need to understand what underlying need your product or service actually satisfies.

Service design places the customer in the centre of the development process. Instead of gazing at our navels trying to guess what the customer likes, we interact with real people to understand what role your brand plays in their lives and what value they receive from your product or service.

Based on this qualitative insight, services are designed or improved while continuously tested, to ensure that what is delivered is also valued.


Discover, define, develop, deliver

Discover, define, develop, deliver | Service DesignThere are many individual bits and pieces to service design thinking. However, by necessity service design is done specifically, never generally, and therefore trying to list in a logical order what is done where and when is an exercise in frustration.

Instead, our work follows a logical service design thinking process that moves from research to strategy and finally to execution.