Getting your message across

All problems are communication problems, because while you know what you want to say, the person listening has no idea what you mean. Usually it is too much information, too soon, too often, too complicated and too boring.

“If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t know it well enough.” 
- Albert Einstein

Our everyday business lives are proof of that. We’re inundated by long documents, boring texts and death by PowerPoint because the other person hasn’t actually taken the time to decide what point he or she wants to make.

We need to take our time to say things well. Woodrow Wilson was quoted as saying, “If it is to be a minute speech I shall need four weeks in which to prepare, […] but if I am to talk all day [then] I’m ready now.”

Communication interest

Good communication, in whatever channel, is at its best simply information made relevant and interesting. To do that, we focus on the information that is most important to the recipient and make sure that s(he) understands it the way it was meant. One message at a time, in the channel that works best.