Branding is about delivering on 
a promise

Over 90% of purchases are based on recommendations from “friends” such as consumer reports, Google searches, customer reviews and what real friends bought. Invariably, the fact that something works is only part of the story. More important is the customer journey from need to satisfaction, which is what describes the customer experience. Designing this experience explicitly, to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, cannot be done after the fact. It has to be the founding thought of the service.

When all products and services are equal, the customer experience is the difference of whether or not your customer recommends your brand to his or her friends.

Company brand strategy

Your brand is a promise. A promise to act a certain way, taste a certain way, look a certain way, to make a certain thing. Companies tend to forget over time what they promised, which is why branding is, above all else, a process to re-focus on exactly that, which is important to your customer. And then making sure that everyone in your organisation knows exactly what it is. Once everyone understands this promise, then it can be clearly expressed.

By focusing first on what your company stands for and only secondly, on how it should look, we ensure that the identity doesn’t get hijacked by opinions on taste and color. Because no logo has ever made a company famous. But many companies have made their logo famous.

Brand Flower