Yes, we ain’t got bananas

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The traditional berry selling season lasts from around May to September each year. In that time, simple fruit stands pop up all over the retail landscape: from supermarket parking lots to subway stations. Because they are where people are, and sell unpackaged berries, the perception is that the quality is better and the fruit fresher than in the grocery store.

The truth is, however, that the quality is variable. Sometimes you get good berries and sometimes they go bad by the time you get home. As the stands are unbranded, it is a challenge to remember where you got the good berries from and which stands to avoid.

Based on this insight we developed No Bananas.

The goal of No Bananas is to ensure that people remember where they got the good berries from. The business is built on the simple idea of selling the highest quality seasonal berries available. This makes No Bananas more expensive than most non-branded stands. As consumer scepticism was considerable, one of the key needs was to help people get a taste at a price point that is so low as to eliminate price consideration. The one euro strawberry cones were the answer. At one euro, the cost of the berries in the cone is more than two times that of buying berries by the kilo or liter. At the same time, one euro is an amount of money not worth arguing about.

No Bananas was launched in 2011. Since then, No Bananas has become the undisputed market leader in seasonal berry sales. Each year volumes have doubled. Shopping center owners are actively soliciting No Bananas to sell on their property. The concept has become a sought after value-added retail solution for consumers. The attractiveness of the name combined with the simplicity of an honest product, the best berries, has created consumer demand for more.

The modular design of the point-of-sale furniture (by Vaikla Design) allows for easy scaling in every retail situation, as well as efficient storage out of season. The presentation of the fruit, from cones, pre-packaged take-away-sizes to sales by the volume, complete with a memorable brand and easy-to-understand service concept has helped the brand succeed where others at best break even.

The result

No bananas strawberry point of sale No bananas strawberry cone No bananas different packaging details - logo, cones and how the boxes looked before No bananas cvi page