Taking a museum online


Magasin III is one of Europe’s leading museum and foundations for contemporary art. While their offline exhibition stirred the senses, their online display fell short of being an experience to remember. Our task, therefore, was to create an online exhibition space that felt similar to real-life, keeping in mind that surfing a website and visiting a museum are still slightly different activities.


One of the key challenges was to integrate the large collection of contemporary art, that Magasin III is justifiably very proud of. In order to facilitate this harmonisation, Magasin III had invested in a collection management software called MuseumPlus, which stored all the data about exhibitions, artists, artworks and so on. Unfortunately, however, the software didn’t match the ambition and level of digital engagement that Magasin III envisioned for the site. Consequently, as the first external developers ever, we designed a system to fetch all the data from MuseumPlus and integrated the content on the new Magasin III digital art gallery seamlessly throughout the site.


Since the launch of the site, user feedback has confirmed meeting the goals of the project: a site that feels like the museum. It is now possible to browse through the whole collection in an engaging, platform independent manner that is helping to bring contemporary art to a whole new time-stressed target group. Be sure to visit, when you have a minute.