Serving juice with attitude

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Blender is a new juice and coffee bar. The maiden outlet was opened in Tallinn, Estonia and is part of a broader service network, made up of Apollo cinemas and entertainment megastores.

There are dozens of juice bars out there and they all serve juice. So starting a new juice bar with just better, fresher juice was certainly no recipe for success. The only thing that would make a new juice bar really stand out from the crowd was a memorable customer experience. And that is what we created.

Those rowdy, noisy Estonians

Estonians are mocked by their Southern neighbours for being quiet and reserved to the point of being taken for dead. With Blender we aimed to break that stereotype for ever. The guys at the counter are big mouthed. Loud music is everywhere. Roaring noise of fruits being sacrificed at the altar of juice saturates the room. All of this energy washes over customer before they’ve even had a chance to taste their fruit concoction or caffeine shot.

We designed the service concept and together with interior designers, cooks and service managers formed it into a coherent whole. Finding the right counter staff was a challenge. Yet having clearly described the expected working style made it possible to repeat, laying a foundation for a scalable business. Finally we divined the name and created its visual identity – bold bits and pieces that support the service concept.

The emotional charge of the brand is conveyed throughout the bar – from the interior design to the heavy typeface, brisk copywriting and warm colours. Following their visit, the active social feed keeps customers tuned in even away from the counter.

Still in its infancy, the first Blender joint has already made its mark and created a swarm of fans. We wish it good luck and look forward to seeing it grow.

Interior design: Link Projekt
Photography: Oleg Hartsenko


A bold name and some music you can’t miss

A scalable concept


Building a connection to the Apollo entertainment world

Blender for here or to go?

Sandwiches taste smashingly good

The guys behind the counter (and beyond) are the ones who make Blender tick

It’s all about the B

Name creation for the menu + the attitude

A blender experience means also active presence in social media

Every bit is designed to work for the same goal