President of Estonia Christmas cards

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President of the Republic of Estonia

Public sector


What we did?

Who did it?
Brand Manual
Kärt Einasto (2017)
Karmen Heinmaa (2016)
Eiko Ojaala (2015)
Kuldar Leement (2014)
Kätlin Kaljuvee (2013)
Cathrine Zarip (2012)
Toomas Tikenberg (2011)
Dan Mikkin (2010, 2009)
Regina Lukk-Toompere (2008)

Every year Brand Manual has been working with the country’s president. The goal is to showcase something extraordinary about Estonia.

This year’s main motif is how the small scale of this country is also its strength.

It’s a reflection of the inauguration speech by Kersti Kaljulaid, presented only a few months earlier – working together and supporting each other has made Estonia as it is today. And it will create the future we wish for.

Illustration by Kärt Einasto
Design by Brand Manual

The animated version
Music by Maarja Nuut.
E-card development by Datalab

Christmas cards from previous years