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The 2021 pension reform in Estonia was and is a controversial topic. With the implemented reform, plenty of new information had surfaced that needed to be communicated to user in an understandable way. is the primary source on the web where one can find detailed unbiased information about all things related to the pension system in Estonia. Usually people don’t think about it much before their 50s, when retirement is already closer. However, with the reform, the spotlight has moved to this subject and more users are interested in finding out more.

With the influx of new visitors to the website, and the complexity associated with the reform, Pensionikeskus decided to revamp their whole website in order to present the vast amount of information they already have in a more user friendly way.

We conducted user testing and interviews with the target groups, created personas and did a thorough research in order to get a proper overview of the visitors and their needs. One of the key learnings was that users get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. But in reality only a small slice of it is actually pertinent to them at any given time. This lead to the development of the “my pension” timeline. It’s a tool that tells the user what they need to know, when they need to know it. And as an added benefit it informs them about questions they don’t even know they have yet. This is especially important and valuable to the younger user groups, because early actions and their cumulative effects are key in any long-term investment.

Special attention was paid to the changes brought about by the reform. We developed a designated section that combined all the new rules in one place to combat misinformation in the media. In addition a system of callout boxes were added to the general content throughout the site, highlighting all the places that were subject to change.

In the end, the whole site was restructured for a better overview and the user interface was cleaned up and sprinkled with fun little illustrations along the way.