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What we did?
Brand strategy
Visual identity

We have a habit of writing case studies about the work we do in Brand Manual. But when you have clients as fun, engaging and eloquent as Molivery, it’s hard not to let them speak. So this is an extract from the Molivery’s recent blog post, in their own words:

“Our brand doesn’t characterize who we are today and what we do.”

Molivery logo and name change

Five years ago our first client was a small Asian restaurant in the centre of Tartu. Today, we are a strategic digital marketing partner for Estonian medium-sized companies that all have the same goal – to grow both in domestic and foreign markets.

Since then, our approach to digital marketing has also changed drastically, because the business environment, people’s consumption habits and expectations of what a digital marketing partner should deliver, have also changed.

With this in mind, we realised that our old brand didn’t fit our new formula. It just spoke with a different language from a different era.

What were the bottlenecks?

Molivery illustration of a bottleneck

When looking for a strategic marketing partner, you want confirmation that your business is securely in the care of experts.

To confirm your decision-making you normally follow these steps:

  • You ask for recommendations from your colleagues;
  • You examine the successful projects that the potential marketing partner has completed in the past;
  • You analyze whether they “walk the talk” or not.

Let’s be honest. As a digital marketing agency, you are a reflection of your customers. Our own brand and marketing activities did not reflect that. We still had an image that served only small businesses. But in 2022 that wasn’t the case anymore.

The changing digital world needs a role model that can give companies a way to do digital marketing. It was necessary to create clarity about our DNA so that we could stand out in the fierce competition and focus on companies who care about customer-centric digital marketing.

Service design

We needed service design, but: Fun fact – we just didn’t know that yet.

Fortunately, we received this recommendation from the Estonian top-notch service design agency Brand Manual. They were ready to deal with the rebranding of Molivery if we started reviewing our service concept instead of simply focusing on our identity and website.

Brand Manual’s team helped us unravel the services and value propositions we offer. They listened to us and interviewed our key accounts, regular clients and gave feedback on what was good, what was bad, and where our hidden strengths and opportunities were (and are).

Background research and mapping our clients’ needs showed what they actually consider important:

  • Strategic – specific, systematic and clear in our activities make us a strategic partner.
  • Sniper work – preliminary work and a clear understanding of our client’s customers help us to direct resources in the right direction.
  • Proactivity – based on statistics and understanding the clients’ business, we are able to offer suitable solutions to improve marketing activities.
  • Change – we offer external partnership to make big and quick changes without our clients having to spend time and money assembling an in-house team.
  • Focus – we help save time so that our clients can focus on developing their core business and managing customer relationships. Marketing is left to experts.
  • Numbers – we find the specific metrics we need to measure the effectiveness of our collaboration, helping to assess the value of every euro invested in digital marketing.

During the process we learned what the key bottlenecks were that hampered our development and growth:

  • Too wide range of services – if you try to be good at everything, you are not the best. So we narrowed it down to 5 basic services.
  • Clarity of communication – there are many stakeholders, channels and information flows, which is why we implemented the necessary software and processes to optimize the exchange of information with customers and partners.
  • Validation of interoperability – we realized that we are much more efficient when we work with clients who understand our value proposition and want to grow together with us.

Hallelujah! I’m glad that we took outside advice because otherwise we would have put a new coat of paint on the old car, changed the wheels, and poured rocket fuel into the tank. In the short term, it would certainly have had an effect, but we’re in it for the long haul.

The visual identity. Oh, don’t get me started…

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