What we did?
Brand strategy
Visual identity

Miterassa was formerly known as Sony Center. Their high-end boutique approach to selling tech has a small yet cult following among customers. Now they’re ready to come out as themselves, to grow independently and represent more product brands than just one.

The funny story is that after rounds of naming propositions by us, the client settled on the name they already had in use for their holding company. This showed that we’re dealing with a client that carefully considers everything, thinks about alternatives, and in the end, chooses what’s right for them. So the years under Sony had definitely taught them the correct business stoicism.

Their whole management team was present while gathering insights from key customer groups and worked together on the new brand strategy. This included a number of workshops reviewing the current services portfolio, brand architecture and ideating on future development opportunities for the new Miterassa. If anything, it was fun seeing all the original co-founders of the company reliving the whole idea of building a new tech brand.

The tone we were searching for in the identity was that of an established, classical tech-giant from Japan or Germany. We started working on a symbol and compared it to the quality brands of Sony, Leica, Hasselblad, etc. So we created something truly distinguished in the tech retail space and differentiating ourselves from the sale-driven e-shops around.

Gaming means gradients, right?

For the spinoff gaming brand, we went for something vibrant. This way, we fit perfectly in with the rest of the gaming space. Miterassa Gaming caters to all age groups interested in the interactive medium, so in terms of copy lines, we got inspired by the early classic Playstation ads.