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What we did?

Waiting for the right moment always pays off.

Gridio is a cleantech startup focused on accelerating the transition to green energy. While the cleanest form of energy is no energy, for the time being we will have to better manage what we do use. Gridio is developing the smartest smart charging platform for electric vehicles. It tracks the energy market in real time making sure to use electricity when the prices are lowest.

Time is a central theme in Gridio’s business.

The brand design illustrates a better future, where all energy is sustainable. The core business is about shifting power usage to opportune times and the user experience for Gridio customers is designed to be seamless, so they can ignore the “tech” and fully enjoy their lives – every moment of it.

The graphic design illustrates passage of time, in nature, is most apparent in the skies. The change of color helps navigate in time as the day-night cycle follows its perpetual pattern. The identity takes snapshots of the best and the most meaningful moments – from sunrise to sunset. The smooth gradients in these snapshots are the basis for Gridio’s look and feel.

Theres gold in them hills.

The energy market is a restless beast. Hourly price fluctuations can be volatile. This can be caused by natural energy consumption patterns, economic conflicts, weather, rapidly depleting non-renewable resources etc. However, for the Gridio users, this is all presented in a calming and emotive design, that serve as elegant details in the identity, restating the value proposition in a visual way.