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What we did?
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Framm is an ambitious concrete manufacturer. With a change in ownership and management a new era begun. A vision was set to build a modern socially responsible, environmentally concsious and ethical concrete business. The industry however is as tenacious as the material it uses. With 28 years of experience in doing things a certain way Framm (formerly Talot) was faced with a huge challenge. The almost insurmountable force of habit.

For an organisation to change, everyone needs to be on the same page. We worked closely with stakeholders, employees and clients define the brand platform. Including them early in the process ensures better insights, better ideas and a more meaningful brand. Co-creation also works wonders for on-boarding the staff. Sharing authorship of the brand helps cementing the values. This is a great way to ensure that the people responsible for delivering the values, truly understand them.

The bold strategy set the sights toward becoming the market leader. Not just in business terms but also in knowledge, enthusiasm and innovation. The philosophy shifted from producing hollow core slabs for construction companies to designing cityscapes and environments for human beings. For hundreds of years to come.

Breaking the habit

The new way of thinking had to be unmistakably obvious. From the owners to the interns.
We dropped the old name – Talot. It was not only a link to the past we are moving away from but also misleading. It’s a Finnish word for typically wooden houses. Far from what the company is doing and far too descriptive.

We adopted a name more suitable and meaningful for a bold forerunner. Fram is Norwegian for “forward!”. It was also the name of the first ship to ever reach the North Pole under the command of the legendary explorer Roald Amundsen.

We redesigned the identity to reflect the idea of moving forward. Dynamic logo, flowing graphics and vibrant colors stand in stark contrast to the industry clichés. As a result Framm has an unmistakable presence. From hard hats to trash sorting signage, it serves as a constant reminder that here, we do things differently.