Estonian Auditors’ Association

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Estonian Auditors’ Association (EAA) is a professional union, but also acts as a quality standard for all Estonian auditors. Being a member has long been the precondition for a trade licence.

But there was really little understanding, both internally as well as among clients and broader public, of what does EAA stand for besides an obligation. That’s where Brand Manual stepped in – helping them to define the purpose of their association and to communicate that purpose effectively. We audited the organisation, talked to the staff and board, and also the member companies and clients. It became apparent that the EAA acts as a link between three parties – member auditors, companies who need auditing and the general public and the state. Building trust and understanding among these – through training and discussion – was the reason of its existence. That purpose was something that everyone concerned could relate to.

Their unobtrusive identity now acts as a quality mark, working well with the graphics of any auditing company – existing or prospective. Something that the members would use with pride, without losing their own distinctive features. It also works as a recognisable carrier of all of Estonian Auditors’ Association’s training and internal communication materials as well as public announcements. Now Estonian auditors can speak in one strong voice – which was a bit of a revelation.

Positioning for the EAA: EAA sets standards for auditors, in accordance with the expectations of entrepreneurs and in the public interestAlignment rules for the EAA quality markQuality mark with different typefaces

EAA quality mark on member auditors' materials

EAA notebook, usb stick, pin and newsletter

EAA business card

EAA stationery