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Eesti Gaas & Elenger

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Eesti Gaas (Estonian Gas) used to be a monopoly. With the passing of time the market, the environment and consumer needs changed which also forced Eesti Gaas to change. In 2016 the company was acquired by one of the largest investment groups around the Baltic Sea, Infortar. This quite fundamentally changed the company’s business strategy.

The focus of the 150 year old gas company became the production and delivery of environmentally sound energy. This led to a portfolio development that now includes sale of electricity, CNG car fuel stations, LNG bunkering solutions for ships, bio gas and solar energy production.

With the growth of products and services, came a new competitiveness that allowed Eesti Gaas to become a player on the international energy market. This also created the need for an international brand to carry the message of cleaner energy to the greatly expanded home market encompassing the whole Baltic Sea area. And so Elenger was born – a challenger brand packed with electricity, energy and gas. For now, Eesti Gaas will remain as the name for the Estonian market.

Daring to be different and noticeable

Compared to energy giants and utilities Eesti Gaas and Elenger are small and unkown players. However, Elenger is more ambitious. More daring. Hungrier. Combining decades of experience, a dedicated team and a clear vision allowed Elenger to bring something new to the market that, compared to the staid and traditional competition, wouldn’t leave people indifferent.

Confidence is half the battle

The new brand’s essence and appearance is the result of carefully planned workshops and interviews that mapped the organisation’s culture and attitude. The courage to try things and to get them done, taking responsibility for one’s words and actions, the desire to be human and open and, of course, a deep and fundamental concern for the wellbeing of our only planet.

Different results through different actions

To make changes on the market, Eesti Gaas started with changes in the organisation. The company’s new purpose and brand strategy changed its structure. Previously semi-independent daughter companies came together under one umbrella brand and the head office moved to a brand new building. To make the change complete, not a single piece of old furniture came along. This profound change affected working routines as well as people’s attitude to their job, customers and colleagues.

“Previously it was impossible for the CEO to bump into call-centre staff in the coffee lounge. They used to be separated by 6 floors. Now they chat together about work, life and everything while sipping a latte.” The new brand brought people in the organisation together and created new tools and a vision, by which to reach the hearts of people outside the building, the country, and the industry.