Nothing changes if nothing changes.

March 15, 2021

One of Brand Manual’s co-founders, Dan Mikkin, has decided to move on. After exactly 12 years, his vision of Brand Manual has grown apart from that of the rest of the partners. We respect his decision and are very happy to have had him as one of the co-founders of the first service design focused company in Estonia.

What started as a boy-band in 2009 has grown into a company of independent and diverse teams, each with its own superpower, helping to make our clients’ businesses better one at a time. Our recent change in structure, into independent teams, has paid off. It helped us all overcome last year’s isolation challenges and contributed significantly to grow the business in our Maastricht office.

Brand Manual will continue to stay loyal to the original path of service design and branding. It is not often that co-founders exit the company. However, this year we are also welcoming a brand new partner amongst us — our long-time co-worker and digital genius, Mihkel Virkus, is now officially a co-owner of Brand Manual. Hooray!

Change is good.

Change is the perfect opportunity to grow our business and welcome new talent to make Brand Manual more diverse, fun and competitive both locally and internationally. Reach out and drop us a line, if you think that we are good enough to challenge you with interesting work!