Maret Ringmäe

Areas of expertise
Service Design

Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

After various careers in Poland and Denmark Maret joined Brand Manual in 2018 as an intern. She wanted to shadow our service designers so she could learn about service design through experience, not just theory. She then started a product manager career in a customer service focused startup. However, after having tasted some startup life she decided that working in an agency like Brand Manual would be a much wiser choice for her professional career. We couldn’t agree better, so we were happy to have Maret join our team as a service designer.

At Brand Manual she works mostly on wicked public sector problems in the domains of healthcare and education. As a curious and an experienced researcher she digs deep, asks the right questions and is a good listener. She is also mentoring various service and business development teams as their personal design manager.

She has a BA in Informatics from TalTech and a Master’s degree in Interaction Design from Estonian Academy of Arts. You should be happy to have her working on your project!