Katrin Vaisma


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Katrin joined Brand Manual after 16 years in market research. During this time she directed countless polls, research projects, focus groups and interviews. Combining the results with insightful analysis, she helped many a company get a better understanding of what their customers actually think. We’re very pleased, that Katrin decided to bring her research skills and experience to Brand Manual and get directly involved in designing customers’ journeys and experiences.

She has an excellent understanding of how market trends develop, how to track and measure them as well as a very broad overview of the banking, telco and logistics industry. As a team leader, she will bring considerable value to branding, customer engagement, service quality, staff and customer loyalty as well as usability testing projects, for the benefit of all Brand Manual clients.

As of February 2020 Katrin is away from everyday work, taking care of her newborn baby. Hoorray!