Kaarel Mikkin

+372 5116 555

Areas of expertise
Service design
Service innovation
Product development

Reference projects

Welfare Services
Brand Manual Academy
Dept. of Education
Centre for Defence Procurement…

Kaarel has worked at Brand Manual since day 1. Over time he has had various roles ranging from project manager to strategist, creative lead, copywriter, mentor, researcher, janitor and even mixologist.

He’s good at gathering insights, digging up information, getting to know people, their actual needs and wants. Which is not a bad skill when working with brands, products and services where customer experience is the key element of success.

Aside from research his „thing“ is brand strategy – he even knows the difference between vision and mission and can easily explain to you why your company needs neither;) It’s all about defining the uniqueness and having a structure to build on top of that. His approach has helped €100 million international corporations as well as small family startups – the tools and methods are the same.

He gladly shares and teaches this Brand Manual approach at conferences and public events as well as educational programmes for universities (EBS Executive Education) both to public sector organisations and entrepreneurs. Whether you need a 2-hour workshop to engage your team or a 6-month long product development masterclass, he can help.

Kaarel has an MBA in political science. This gives him a good understanding of how the world works and why everyone should get a real job instead of becoming a politician.

“Working at Brand Manual has been like riding a rollercoaster“ Kaarel says. “When everything seems to be ready for takeoff we start asking questions, digging deep and often end up going in a completely different direction. Sometimes win, always learn!”


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