Enel Teinemaa


Areas of expertise
Event management

Reference projects

Punch Drinks

Enel joined Brand Manual from Orangetime, one of Estonia’s largest Live-Communication agencies. What’s that life like? One party after another? The answer is, “not really.” It’s an intense world where deadlines don’t move and the only surprise in the day would be, if there were no surprises. Enel managed to adapt and react and ended up with several awards from Estonia’s biggest creativity contest, Kuldmuna.

Should there be a contest in multitasking, then Enel would like to apply. Before diving into the event industry, she worked for 6 years at the Ahhaa Science Centre. There her daily tasks included science experiments, events, organising projects and representing Ahhaa at science festivals, tourism expos, TV shows and so on. It is likely that her time at Ahhaa is also responsible for here deep interest in technology and scientific discovery, because Enel is a negative…blood type. But this hasn’t stifled her enthusiasm and if she were part of an atom, she’d be a proton.

As of October 2020 Enel is working as a full-time Mom on a couple of protons of her very own, congrats!