Howdy Partner!

We’re ready to grow in the Netherlands. With you.

Brand Manual is a service design and branding agency. Established in 2009 in Estonia, we came to the Netherlands a few years ago. Until now we’ve been building our network and slowly gaining the trust of customers, proving that service design works. And that it is more than either service or design.

We have the songs. Now we need the band in the Netherlands.

Now that we have a slowly increasing pipeline of work, we need to start growing. And that can only happen with the right people. So we are looking for you.

Who are you?

You are, in various combinations, curious, creative and constructive. Able to work on a strategic level with business and service concepts all the way to execution, of actually getting shit done.
We’re not looking for an employee. We’re looking for a partner.

We don’t know who you are, but we can tell you who we are:

  • Background in service for hi-tech agricultural machines;
  • Background in service concepts for sorting machines;
  • Toured the world with rock bands and Formula 1;
  • Background in marketing, design and advertising;
  • Experience working with clients from medical to brewing to insurance to construction to…;
  • Aesthetically picky and focused on simplicity;
  • Occasionally childish;
  • Definitely sarcastic and ironic yet honest and straightforward;
  • Do what we say we’ll do. Period.

If you recognise some of yourself then why not write to and let’s go have a cup of coffee.