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What we did?
Circular Design
Sustainability Journal
Company Brand Building

Who did it?
Martin Babic
Dan Mikkin
Kaili Kallas

Wendre is one of the biggest textile producers in Europe, churning out hundreds of millions of blankets and pillows for global retail brands. This makes Wendre’s impact on the environment, and responsibility for it, huge as well.

A joint team from Wendre’s key departments and designers from Brand Manual mapped out the three stages of a product’s life. It illustrates how Wendre is doing on the journey from sourcing to manufacturing all the way to usage and disposal, and how this affects the company’s ambition to be a part of the circular economy.

A step towards the goal in sight

As the captain of the industry, Wendre wants to lead in sustainability – and in many ways it already does. All waste is sorted and most of it sold for recycling. Ninety-three percent of production offcuts are used in own production. Wendre even takes waste from other industries to use it in its products, such as fibres made from PET bottles for pillow filling. But there is still so much to do to complete the circle.

The joint team worked on connecting the dots, as well as mapping the areas that need extra attention. Digging for facts and numbers, visualising them and settling on one common denominator, the target is to make the company and its products 360° sustainable. It means that as much as possible of all material re-enters manufacturing and nothing ends up in a landfill.

The result at hand is a Sustainability Journal. It works as a company statement of intentions and introduces the standards Wendre already meets. The cherry on top is the section of actual products made from recycled waste. So that you can already make a sustainable purchase and sleep with a clear conscience.