Energy (upstream)


What we did?

AGR is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and software provider. They have the experience, agility and creativity to deliver a compelling solution that solves today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges. As the company needed to keep up with the ever-changing market, the website needed a proper reboot from the stucture to design.

The website structure was completely torn down and built back up from scratch. The services were organised to reflect the breadth of AGR’s service offering, which covers the entire life cycle of the upstream sector, as well as highlighting the more innovative side of the business. AGR is not a legacy burdened well engineering company – which up to this point was not apparent. Special focus was brought to low carbon solutions – a branch of the AGR service offering that is directed to exploring and solving the energy challenges of tomorrow.

The web presence also got a complete visual makeover, bringing about a lighter, friendlier face that still feels professional. The UI was embellished with custom icons, illustrations and animations. The circular ripples, transparent shapes and pulsating subtle animations create a calm future-facing feeling throughout the user experience.