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Every year Brand Manual has been working with the country’s president. The goal is to showcase something extraordinary about Estonia.

This year’s main motif is how the small scale of this country is also its strength.

It’s a reflection of the inauguration speech by Kersti Kaljulaid, presented only a few months earlier – working together and supporting each other has made Estonia as it is today. And it will create the future we wish for.

Illustration by Kärt Einasto
Design by Brand Manual

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Music by Maarja Nuut.
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Produktion2030 is the strategic programme for production research and innovation in Sweden. Its goal is to create a national foundation of research, innovation and training to facilitate competitive Swedish production by the year 2030 and to act as a catalyst for collaboration between academia, research institutes and industry.


Today, manufacturing and production-related services make up a large part of Swedish GDP and are key drivers of the economy, employing more than one million people. Globalisation, digitalisation and competition from lower cost countries are all challenges, that Sweden must master in order to maintain and develop its competitive advantage of innovation and sustainable growth and development.

The programme started in 2013, is financed by the government and run by Teknikföretagen, in close cooperation with the Swedish Production Academy, Swerea IVF, Chalmers, KTH and IF Metall.

We were engaged one year later to develop the strategic communication platform, including the visual identity. The programme is to run for a decade, yet for its first year it ran in principle anonymously, which is why we spent the first few months doing research and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and leaders of funded projects within the 6 strategic initiatives of the programme.


The subsequent identity reflects the complexity and ambition of the project. The communication strategy, which has now been implemented for over two years, has focused on making the information developed by the programme accessible for all stakeholders. By way of visualisation both online and offline, stakeholders such as researchers, production companies and institutions have gained better access to information about research and development, as well as know-how about how to apply to grants and financing within the context of the initiative.


Produktion2030 has been made reachable to specialists as well as laymen, which has raised both awareness, and more importantly, understanding of the need of a competitive future of Swedish manufacturing, which also helps to safeguard it against loss of focus on a governmental level. All the projects within the programme have become more fathomable, letting the organisation reach more stakeholders, increasing the long-term impact of the programme.

With ongoing information flow analysis on digital platforms, the impact of concise communication of the programme can be measured. Generally the market, and by way of causality, the population of Sweden is becoming more aware of both the importance and impact of the production industry to the Swedish economy. Combined with the background of globalisation and ageing, the importance of an innovative and sustainable Swedish manufacturing industry to drive export has become much more understandable.


“Produktion2030 is a fairly difficult to grasp, multi-faceted and complicated project, which is expected to be running 10 years as of 2013. The vision of Produktion2030 is to see an increase in investments into production in Sweden, which leads to more jobs and improved competitiveness for the manufacturing industries. To achieve this, clear communication is imperative. Brand Manual has developed a robust and attractive digital platform, created the identity and defined the tone-of-voice that ties it all together. After two years with Brand Manual, Produktion2030 has clearly reached its intended target group and become a well know research program within industry, academy and research institutes.”

– Cecilia Warrol, Teknikföretagen (Produktion2030)