Novel Clinic


What we did?

Better health begins with taking care of small complaints at an early stage. This prevents small issues from escalating to serious health problems. Novel Clinic’s goal is to change the direction of healthcare from reactive to preventive, focusing on the preservation health, not on rehabilitation from preventable illnesses.

To do that successfully Novel combines all disciplines in one clinic and treats every patient as a whole. To introduce this “novel” clinic, we created the brand name and the  identity to:

  • reflect preventive care
  • communicate supporting health and positivity
  • feel welcoming rather than technical

The main building block of the identity is a circle. Used as orbiting lines to represent unity and wholeness – highlighting the approach to medicine as well as the breadth of the service offering. The orbital graphics are used consistently throughout the identity to group, join and highlight different elements.

The soft palette of the identity relies on sun-kissed tan tones to create warmth. Instead of the clinical cleanliness of the procedures, we want our patients to see and feel the potential and optimism everyday life they get to return to.