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What we did?
Service design

Wendre has been a global industry leader for decades. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of pillows and duvets, has factories in 4 countries and sales on 4 continents. Most of its 12 million blankets are sold under well-known household brands every year. Somebody else’s brands.

Wendre itself, however, was virtually unknown as a producer and consumer brand. Consequently, there was tremendous potential in channeling its production and consumer knowledge into its own line of products. Wendre is a true expert in sleeping – but this mastery needed to be recognised. By its own people, to start with.

Greatness starts with a small thing – consistency

The company has a lot of history, dating all the way back to 1935. Writing it down and visualising this heritage, was something that helped staff at Wendre take pride in the impact of their work. It demonstrates how everyone’s contribution helped a small local linen shop become a global leader.

Then there are business customers. Having a strong presence as a producer on trade fairs makes for a good impression. But that is only a start. Prospective customers are knocked over by the comprehensive product lineup, clearly structured and with a firm focus on technological superiority. Wendre is not just another bedding producer, it is an industry captain.

Making this portfolio sellable to consumers was the next logical step. Packaging matters. Together with the Wendre team we worked out a functional packaging system for the consumer brand, which highlights the necessary product features, but above all, gives its lineup unmissable shelf impact.

Today Wendre is out of the shadows. It has taken its fair share of shop shelves in Poland and Estonia and has the UK in sight. With a sleeping army gathered under one blanket, the world is ready for conquering. All you need is a battle plan.