Karl Bilder

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What we did?
Brand strategy
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Värvikeskus was by far the most proficient paint and supplies vendor on the market. But their name was generic and too local — Värvikeskus means “paint centre” in Estonian. They were badly missing an identity on par with their new value proposition and much wider product assortment than just paints.

Rebranding was synchronised with the opening of their new flagship shop in Tartu, Estonia. It was a challenge – on one hand, it had a much broader selection of building materials than their existing paint shops. On the other hand the challenge was not to lose their competitive advantage and not to become another big box builders’ merchant.

After defining the essence of their service, their core character, it was natural that the new brand got a personified name. Karl Bilder is an expert who knows what he sells and educates his professional clients.

Karl Bilder is a character. He knows stuff

He takes time to find builders the best materials – and is fast when the construction is on, shipping stuff a.s.a.p. thanks to an optimal full service process. Karl Bilder speaks their language and makes sure they can focus on work at hand.

An upgrade in the shop concept – Karl Bilder means thoughtful service

No longer just a paint shop, Karl Bilder retains his expert role in the field. You call them when you need an expert advice on what paint would last in specific conditions. The new shop concept takes care of other needs of a pro as well, supplying him with quality tools and supplementary building materials. It also understands the daily needs of a construction manager – his car is his office and he really appreciates Karl Bilder’s coffee corner, desk and toilets. Some of them work at odd hours – so now there’s also a 24h pick-up machine.

What we did for Karl Bilder

Defining the values of the brand and giving it a name and a face was one thing. Launching that to the company of experts, real fans of their job was a delicate task. Brand Manual took an effort of onboarding the existing crew – and created the materials that would make it easy for future recruits to join the company. Also engaging key stakeholders in the business – from construction managers to architects and interior decorators. Focusing on professionals who take real pride in their work, like Karl Bilder does. Make sure to grab a copy of their magazine if you want good advice and some useful tips on renovation!