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skype: kailikallas

Kaili joined Brand Manual in 2012 after a 10 year period at the Government Office of the Republic of Estonia. There she was responsible for mediating issues on the agenda at government sessions and cabinet meetings – ensuring that the world’s first e-government continued to be the world’s best e-government.

She has a BA from Tallinn University in Public Administration and entrepreneurial experience, allowing her to take good care of several key client accounts as well as Brand Manual’s own back office.

Kaili joined the company’s management team and has been a board member since 2015 – organising the financial processes of the company, streamlining reporting and project organisation. After a sabbatical year in Singapore she rejoined Brand Manual as the new CEO and chairman of the board, aiming to grow the company both in quality and size.


skype: jmklaar

Margus’s main tasks are to create homogenous and single minded concepts out of disparate, and, sometimes at first sight contradictory, information. He is a skilled speaker and often runs Branding and Service Design trainings and workshops with clients, working through their brand challenges together. His projects span from global lifestyle and sports brands to healthcare services, education, public sector challenges as well as consulting startups on innovation and product development.

He is a frequent speaker at marketing and service design conferences, universities, as well as an experienced mentor and design manager for different business and product development programmes.

Being somewhat of a cosmopolitan man, he is involved in international projects at Brand Manual. As of August 2013 he has been in charge of expanding Brand Manual’s network by setting up an office Stockholm and more recently yet another one in Maastricht.


skype: kaarelmikkin

Getting the right information from the right people at the right time to make the right decisions is undoubtably Kaarel’s strength. He works with key clients to help them understand their own organisations and staff.

With a degree in political science and longterm experience in big network agencies, Kaarel is able to deliver insight and understanding into the processes of large companies and corporations. He works as a consultant to the management, providing design thinking points-of-view and answering brand strategy questions. Being a certified coach he is also quite active in various mentoring and educational programmes for entrepreneurs.

Contact Kaarel for any new-business inquiries and projects.


Pascale started her higher education in nature studies and agriculture. After some time of working in this area, she pivoted to the study of family science. During these studies she worked as a volunteer in detention centres and secured units for ten years.

Following the completion of her studies, Pascale embarked on a career as a consultant to HR departments of corporations. This lead her to start her own business in the marketing field, working as an expert for local businesses. She has advanced management skills and is a certified business coach.

She is a serial entrepreneur and founder of AmiGoWeb, an online platform for SMEs to improve their digital marketing as well as Ucare, which is a recruitment assessment and selection service.

As manager in Belgium for the Open Business Leader’s network, she brings with her to Brand Manual an unparalleled network to build our business with. Open Business Leaders is the largest cross-sector network in the Netherlands and Belgium, connecting over 500 entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior decision makers across all industries.


Dave is a motivated, passionate and flexible manager with several years of international experience in various sectors. He’s a hands-on entrepreneur with a sharp analytical mindset and profound knowledge on how to operate a business.

His skills at complex project management ensures, that even the most ridiculous deadlines are met on time and on budget. He is tireless, focused and outstanding at creating processes, that improve both the bottom line as well as the customer experience. Having worked inside large industries, he’s perfectly positioned design services and brands for Brand Manual’s clients in the Benelux area, and around the world.

He has worked across the world in various industries, as director Global Engineering & Service for Boumatic LLC, General Manager at Lely Center in Vlaanderen, and most recently as an independent advisor/manager to VitalMetric, which is a start-up implementing Touch-Less monitoring of Vital Signs with Microwave Doppler Radar for humans and animals and as Business Unit Manager for SAC, one of Europe’s largest milking equipment companies.


Seppe is a serial-entrepreneur with a history of business success. He has a master’s degree in Bio-Engineering, Forestry and Land Management and a diploma in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations.

He is currently manager and partner in Hamster Cleaning, which is a Cleantech start-up operating in Belgium and Holland. It has introduced a smart air duct cleaning system in Benelux. He is also the owner of InsightAir, a company focused on improving air quality through monitoring and analysis through a sensor network.

In Brand Manual he’s supporting the establishment of the business in the Benelux area with his know-how and network.


skype: danmikkin

If there is one thought that best describes Dan Mikkin, then it is attention to detail. His work with clients ensures that even the smallest aspects of a project are perfectly executed. However, when it is the design that everyone else remembers, clients value him for his intricate planning and forethought.

Dan made his career as a Creative Director and Art Director at some of the top network agencies. At Brand Manual he directs our design team and plays an important role in projects with a focus on service design, brand identity, navigation and packaging.

He is also an active mentor in various business development programmes, a guest lecturer in the Estonian Academy of Arts and a frequent member of design juries. If you want to join Brand Manual as a graphic designer or apply for a design internship here – Dan is the man you need to impress first!


skype: mihkelvirkus

Mihkel landed at Brand Manual following a stint at Google where he worked as web-type designer. He has a BA from the Estonian Academy of Arts and a Masters degree in the Design and Development of Virtual Environments from Tartu University. A true multitalent fluent in graphic design as well as the digital world.

Today he holds the position of Art Director and is the lead of our digital team. He is responsible for large scale web based information system design and service processes, as well as consulting clients on their digital strategies. Mihkel’s structured approach, focusing on function before form, ensures working and usable results.


Evelin came to Brand Manual to beef up the digital team. She is tech-savvy with extensive experience in leading technology projects and campaigns, having worked both in the IT and advertising industry. The scope of projects she has lead range from multi-media solutions across markets and target groups to mono-functional mobile apps.

She has studied Multimedia Design & Communication in Copenhagen and has done several internships in agencies in both Copenhagen and Berlin. If you’ve got questions about bits, bytes and what to do with them, don’t hesitate to contact Evelin directly!


Enel joined Brand Manual from Orangetime, one of Estonia’s largest Live-Communication agencies. What’s that life like? One party after another? The answer is, “not really.” It’s an intense world where deadlines don’t move and the only surprise in the day would be, if there were no surprises. Enel managed to adapt and react and ended up with several awards from Estonia’s biggest creativity contest, Kuldmuna.

Should there be a contest in multitasking, then Enel would like to apply. Before diving into the event industry, she worked for 6 years at the Ahhaa Science Centre. There her daily tasks included science experiments, events, organising projects and representing Ahhaa at science festivals, tourism expos, TV shows and so on. It is likely that her time at Ahhaa is also responsible for here deep interest in technology and scientific discovery, because Enel is a negative…blood type. But this hasn’t stifled her enthusiasm and if she were part of an atom, she’d be a proton.


skype: ossipovski

Anton joined Brand Manual in 2015. He has a varied and colourful background that arches from the debating society to counselling politicians via education, lecturing, mentoring and running his own communication consultancy / branding agency.

Anton’s strength is his analytical skill and long experience with both public organisations, manufacturers and retail companies. He has a bachelor’s degree from St.Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics. At Brand Manual he helps clients understand their business needs and finds ways to take those to the next level with a better strategy, improved customer experience and clearer brand.

As a strong organiser, he primarily leads our international team’s projects in the Russian language space.


Rihhard for more than four years was the master of Pallas Art School Media department. There he built up the technology infrastructure and was responsible for developing the sound and film studio while at the same time consultant and teacher involving in developing the curriculum.

At the same time he’s got more than a decade under his belt as a graphic and web designer at various design and advertising agencies. Over the years he’s created a truckload of identities, boat loads of apps and tons of complex websites and systems. His interest is developing complete systems and to solve problems at the UI/UX level by creating service concepts supported by identities that simply make sense.


Villu comes from the best school for graphic designers imaginable – 13 years of unforgiving deadlines in a major newspaper. This has made him one of the most efficient professionals in the business. As a master of the craft, he has lectured Layout Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and designed over 800 books himself as a pastime.

Working as a designer in a leading advertising agency, Villu never stopped his quest of learning. This attitude towards amassing knowledge makes Villu a perfect fit for Brand Manual. He puts his immense experience to good use helping our clients to streamline their workflows as well as fine-tuning Brand Manual’s own design processes.


Merlin joined Brand Manual after seven years of hands-on account work in the advertising industry. There she focused on rebranding a range of service providers from telecoms, post and logistics to social welfare services. She has a Masters in Organisational Behaviour which has made her well versed in big picture visualising. 

Merlin is a detail-oriented and straightforward person. And it is her strength of will which makes an excellent asset to projects and clients alike. As an Account Director at Brand Manual she is responsible for in-house process quality as well as sourcing and co-ordinating new clients.

As of July 2018 Merlin is away from everyday work, taking care of her newborn baby. Hoorray!


Katrin joined Brand Manual after 16 years in market research. During this time she directed countless polls, research projects, focus groups and interviews. Combining the results with insightful analysis, she helped many a company get a better understanding of what their customers actually think. We’re very pleased, that Katrin decided to bring her research skills and experience to Brand Manual and get directly involved in designing customers’ journeys and experiences.

She has an excellent understanding of how market trends develop, how to track and measure them as well as a very broad overview of the banking, telco and logistics industry. As a team leader, she will bring considerable value to branding, customer engagement, service quality, staff and customer loyalty as well as usability testing projects, for the benefit of all Brand Manual clients.


Martin joins Brand Manual from Slovakia. He has a master’s degree in industrial / product design Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and has expanded his experience with exchange programs at the University of Lapland as well as internships in Holland and Estonia.

Starting an internship at Brand Manual in 2018 soon evolved into a permanent position as a graphic designer, where Martin successfully continues to expand his understanding of customer centric design and brings Slovak-like life approach to us and our clients.


Andrus is a service designer with his ear to the ground. He observes not only changes in behaviour, but also in the metrics that deliver quantitative proof to qualitative observations. His passion is to see the joy from users benefiting from a much improved experience.

He has studied philosophy, political science and economics at Oxford and designed human-centric co-living spaces in London, business hubs in Tallinn and created the framework for EU investments in Estonian innovation. Andrus has extensive project management experience from developing the Estonian e-state and several civic associations. In Brand Manual Andrus’ job is to manage large scale development projects.