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Service design and branding agency Nybrogatan 8 Alma 114 34 Stockholm Sweden

The best way to reach us is to take the Tunnelbana (metro, subway, underground) to Östermalmstorg, and exit the station to Birger Jarlsgatan. From there you hang a left and go up the hill on Riddargatan until you reach Nybrogatan. There you turn right and cross the road to Nybrogatan 8. Open the door and go to the reception and announce yourself. We’ll come and meet you there.

We’re located in Alma. Recognising the growing need for new forms of work space and collaborative environments, Alma opened its doors on Nybrogatan 8 in Stockholm in December 2016. A space for work and play, Alma was founded for the sole purpose of nurturing creative people and their ideas. And, according to Vogue “The Coolest Work Space Is, Of Course, In Stockholm.” Which is of course, why you’ll find us here:-)

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+46 722 52 30 64

Stockholm office
Service design and branding agency Nybrogatan 8 Alma 114 34 Stockholm Sweden

Tallinn office

Brand Manual OÜ

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Service design and branding agency Niine 11 Yellow Building, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia

Our office is in the heart of Kalamaja (Fish-house in English). It’s the flannel and beard part of Tallinn and within arms reach of the city centre and Old Town. The historic yellow building from 1923 is hard to miss. Once a securities printing house, it’s been transformed into a creative business hub hosting design, film, architecture, media, tech and financial firms as well as a number of other talents. Before our after our meeting, why not visit the restaurant Sesoon on the ground floor. It’s a great place for the thought of food as well as the food of thought.

Our loft office occupies the two top floors. Simply take the elevator or the stairs to the 5th floor. Parking is free on the street, but spaces can be hard to find. Therefore, we have a reserved spot for our clients in the inner courtyard. Please call your contact to check its availability.

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+372 664 5049, +372 5116 555

Tallinn office
Service design and branding agency Niine 11 Yellow Building, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia

Brand Manual


skype: kailikallas

Kaili joined Brand Manual in 2012 after a 10 year period at the Government Office of the Republic of Estonia. There she was responsible for mediating issues on the agenda at government sessions and cabinet meetings – ensuring that the world’s first e-government continued to be the world’s best e-government.

She has a BA from Tallinn University in Public Administration and entrepreneurial experience, allowing her to take good care of several key client accounts as well as Brand Manual’s own back office.

Kaili joined the company’s management team and has been a board member since 2015 – organising the financial processes of the company, streamlining reporting and project organisation. After a sabbatical year in Singapore she rejoined Brand Manual as the new CEO and chairman of the board, aiming to grow the company both in quality and size.


skype: jmklaar

Margus’s main tasks are to create homogenous and single minded concepts out of disparate, and, sometimes at first sight contradictory, information. He is a skilled speaker and often runs Branding and Service Design trainings and workshops with clients, working through their brand challenges together. He is a branding coach at the Marketing Institute and a frequent speaker at marketing and service design conferences. Being somewhat of a cosmopolitan man, he is involved in international projects at Brand Manual. As of August 2013 he is bringing his service design skills to the Swedish market by establishing Brand Manual in Stockholm.


skype: kaarelmikkin

Getting the right information from the right people at the right time to make the right decisions is undoubtably Kaarel’s strength. Kaarel works with key clients to help them understand their own organisations and staff.

With a degree in political science and longterm experience in big network agencies, Kaarel is able to deliver insight and understanding into the processes of large companies and corporations. He works as a consultant to the management, providing design thinking points-of-view and answering brand strategy questions. Being a certified coach he is also quite active in various mentoring and educational programmes for entrepreneurs.

Contact Kaarel for any new-business inquiries and projects.


skype: danmikkin

If there is one thought that best describes Dan Mikkin, then it is attention to detail. His work with clients ensures that even the smallest aspects of a project are perfectly executed. However, when it is the design that everyone else remembers, clients value him for his intricate planning and forethought. Before Brand Manual, Dan worked as a Creative Director and Art Director at local DDB and McCann-Erickson. Now at Brand Manual he directs multiple teams and projects with a focus on service design, identity and packaging. His pet project in Brand Manual is designing the annual Christmas card for the President of Estonia.


skype: mihkelvirkus

Mihkel landed at Brand Manual following a stint at Google where he worked as web-type designer. He has a BA from the Estonian Academy of Arts and a Masters degree in the Design and Development of Virtual Environments from Tartu University. As an Art Director he is responsible for large scale web based information system design and service processes, as well as consulting clients on their digital strategies. His structured approach, focusing on function before form, ensures working and usable results.


A senior Art Director with a background at some of Sweden’s most influential agencies, Kalle is an expert in understanding client challenges and their customers needs and wants. Beckmans College of Design was the spark that set his passion for change and communication ablaze. A natural communicator, he has an intense interest in humans, organizations, cultural phenomena, art, music, philosophy, design, architecture, fashion and business. His understanding of the human condition combined with an open mind allows him to catch ideas, concepts and patterns before anyone else, and to turn them into visual concepts that create business opportunities.


Katrin joined Brand Manual after 16 years in market research. During this time she directed countless polls, research projects, focus groups and interviews. Combining the results with insightful analysis, she helped many a company get a better understanding of what their customers actually think. We’re very pleased, that Katrin decided to bring her research skills and experience to Brand Manual and get directly involved in designing customers’ journeys and experiences.

She has an excellent understanding of how market trends develop, how to track and measure them as well as a very broad overview of the banking, telco and logistics industry. As a team leader, she will bring considerable value to branding, customer engagement, service quality, staff and customer loyalty as well as usability testing projects, for the benefit of all Brand Manual clients.


Merlin joined Brand Manual after seven years of hands-on account work in the advertising industry. There she focused on rebranding a range of service providers from telecoms, post and logistics to social welfare services. She has a Masters in Organisational Behaviour which has made her well versed in big picture visualising. 

Merlin is a detail-oriented and straightforward person. And it is her strength of will which makes an excellent asset to projects and clients alike. As an Account Director at Brand Manual she is responsible for in-house process quality as well as sourcing and co-ordinating new clients.

Currently Merlin is away from everyday work, taking care of her newborn baby. Hoorray!


Villu comes from the best school for graphic designers imaginable – 13 years of unforgiving deadlines in a major newspaper. This has made him one of the most efficient professionals in the business. As a master of the craft, he has lectured Layout Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and designed over 800 books himself as a pastime. Working as a designer in Division, a leading advertising agency in Estonia, Villu has never stopped his quest of learning. This attitude towards amassing knowledge makes Villu a perfect fit. In Brand Manual he puts his immense experience to good use helping our clients to streamline their workflows as well as fine-tuning Brand Manual’s own design processes.


A multi-disciplinary designer and problem solver, Mo has over 7 years of diverse design experience spanning graphic, product, service and architectural design to video production. He started his career in architecture in Kuwait, and followed that up by working for NADAAA, one of top firms in the US.

He moved to Estonia in 2013, to partake in a joint postgraduate Msc. programme at Tallinn Technical University and the Estonian Academy of Arts, focusing on design and product development. He graduated Cum Laude in 2015 and landed a job in advertising, working for some of Estonia’s largest companies, on their branding to graphic and web projects through to video production and animation.

Mo joined Brand Manual as an Art Director in strong belief that visual storytelling is not only a means to effective communication, but is also a powerful tool to captivate the imagination and build deeper and more meaningful experiences.


What goes around comes around. Despite having interned at Brand Manual in 2015, Sigrid still decided to join us full time in 2018. She has broad experience from freelancing, having designed everything from children’s book layouts to large scale visual identities. She followed this up with working for the oldest ad agency in Estonia, AGE McCann, which let her stretch her skills working for various big brands.

Sigrid has got BA in Media and Advertising Design from Tartu Art College and we are happy to support Sigrid with her Master’s studies in Interaction Design at the Estonian Art Academy.

She has a passion for illustration, packaging design and visual identities, which culminated in the founding of a sock brand with a routine breaking attitude, Moco Sock. In Sigrid’s own words, “the thing I love about design is the subtle balance of rational problem solving and creative thinking.” An attitude that fits Brand Manual like a sock.