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Brand Manual is an international service design and branding agency

We use service design to improve your customer’s experience, one touchpoint at a time. Together with you, we create products and services that people not just use, but love.

What is the customer doing?

Customers are getting different jobs done. You may be serving coffee, but they could be a) buying coffee, b) using your coffee shop as a workspace, c) meeting with friends, d) killing time, e) getting out of the winter cold, f) getting out of the summer heat, g) not buying coffee at all but using the toilet. Understanding the jobs your customers are getting done is the first step in improving their experience.

We make them talk about you

We’ve been in this business for thirteen years. And, as far as we can tell, service design has only become more important to companies and organisations. The fact is, that it isn’t WHAT you do, but HOW you do it that creates the customer experience. You just have to accept, that what is difficult for you is a hygiene factor for your customer and that the customer experience is built around the core of your offer, not on it.

It isn’t the streetcar that makes the experience good. It is the timetable.

Lucius Burckhardt

Designing the whole customer experience around the customer journey from need to satisfaction, not just the moment of transaction is what will make them talk about you.


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What we believe

We believe in kindness and good food and drink and not living to work, but working to live

We believe in heavy metal. At least some of us, until others arrive at the office.

We believe in being honest about our work, no sugarcoating.