Service design pioneers

We believe


...that the customer is intelligent and recognizes quality, if it is provided relevantly


...that word-of-mouth and customer reports combined with digital media have a tremendous impact


...that strong brands come from delivering real value with products and services that not only look good, but actually are good

Our job is to understand our clients’ strategic goals and in close cooperation with top-management develop exemplary services and products, which require no explanation. Using design thinking and bringing the customer’s point-of-view into the equation, we realign the business to focus on delivering the best customer experience possible. Satisfied customers quote our client and make them a role model for others to follow.

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Our books

As it happens, every year Brand Manual publishes a book on something or other that relates to service design. Our new book, which is called "How to have your cake and eat it too" is published by BIS Publishers in Amsterdam. Available on Amazon.

A book about service design.

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A book about service design.

From the book: " is also important to recognise that for most products and services the purchase moment makes up the smallest, and perhaps least significant part, of the customer experience. Buying a new phone is not about having a phone to call with, but about having a digital service delivered. Similarly, a car should no longer be a machine with which to drive, but a vehicle that is connected to maps and traffic reports, helping the driver get from A to B with minimum wasted time. This makes up the customer experience and this is what is shared online in product review forums.

This book is about improving these experiences. Designing a whole service, from the moment the customer starts thinking about the possible need until the end of the life-cycle of the product. Improving on all the points of interaction, will improve customer satisfaction. From a marketing perspective, nothing sells as well as satisfied customers. Which is why, applying service design can help you save half of your marketing budget. Or, in other words, let you have your cake and eat it too."



Academically speaking

Academically inclined book about service design.





This book asks why. Understanding begins with why. Without knowing why, all we can do is things right. If we know why, we can do the right thing. There’s a difference there.




Future perfect

As quality in products becomes universal, it is the customer experience that sets brands apart.




Closing the delivery gap

This one talks about service design. You really should read it because it will help to close the delivery gap.




There is no secret sauce

Our greenish book talks about innovation. What it is. How to do it. And what happens when you don’t.





If you’re in business then you also engage in branding. If this doesn’t make sense, read this manual.