One voice, one brand, one municipality

Work Täby municipality 23.09.14

One voice, one brand, one municipality

Täby municipality is located 20km from Stockholm. It is one of the fastest growing areas in Sweden, having multiplied in size 5 times in the past 60 years.

Over time the meaning of Täby became very vague and had only a fuzzy image in the minds of citizens and visitors alike. Our task was to focus the vision of Täby and help the municipality to promote itself as a safe, attractive and future-proof community for residents to live in and for businesses to operate in.

Interviews inside and outside the community administration helped clarify the aspiration and feeling of Täby. A lot of time was spent in communicating the needs for change inside the organisation, as the key to a strong brand, whether it is a municipality or soft drink, is consistency in delivery.

The ambitions of the municipality were turned into a crisp graphical language, which helps to deliver the message of Täby in all channels and all instances. As Täby has about 2000 employees, many of whom are producing graphic materials daily, it was imperative that the guidelines for the graphic identity were easy to follow so that implementation of the visual tools was correct in all instances. Custom courses were developed in the application of the identity and Maimi Parik, the art director responisble, temporarily even had an office in the municipal government building, so that everyone could get their artwork checked. Today, Täby’s meaning for both residents as well as municipal employees is clear.

Täby identity guidelines