Money makes the world go round

Work Intrum Justitia 23.09.14

Money makes the world go round

But what happens when companies don’t get paid?

It creates a chain reaction of problems. As cashflow is strangled the company that didn’t get paid cannot pay it’s bills either. To save money, the company is forced to lay people off, which decreases tax intake and increases welfare payments for governments. The downward spiral can continue all the way to bankruptcy. It is crucial, that the chain reaction is stopped before it runs out of control.

This is where Intrum Justitia comes in. Intrum counsels companies to make wise credit decisions as well as helping them with billing, debt collection and other financial services. Although best known for debt collection, which on the surface can look like taking advantage of someone in a difficult position, Intrum ensures that companies get paid, which helps the economy to grow and society to prosper.

With this background we set off to discover the possibilities of helping Europe recover from it’s Cinderella state, as well as to improve how society and employees looked at the credit management business that Intrum Justitia offered. Considerable amounts of qualitative research, with both internal and external stakeholders, led us to focus Intrum’s activity on one singular purpose: Boosting Europe. A short statement that summed up what had to be done, to get the continent’s economy to wake up from its slumber.

By focusing on a singular purpose, the entire organisation’s 3500 staff members started to work better together. Clearly defined, motivating yet not restrictive, Boosting Europe became both a corporate as well as personal goal, where each employee sought to help Boost Europe in his or her own job. Seeing the potential and the importance of their daily work, people got a new perspective on themselves and their role in companies’ financial management, coming to work with more pride and confidence than ever before.

Economy is going do-be-do-be-do!