Decision making made easy

Work Svenska Tecknare 09.02.15

Decision making made easy

The jury tool of The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers

The association represents illustrators, graphic designers, animators and comic book authors. Each year, The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers organises a popular awards competition where hundreds of professionals take part.

The submissions for the awards must be received, handled, and administered. There is a lot of material to go through, which can be very inconsistent. A jury of opinionated people must review all of it and come to a common conclusion, together. They must judge creativity and craft by reviewing only digital files.

This task grew in complexity over the years, inline with the amount of submissions entered. As the process became more and more complicated, we were asked to create a competition management tool that simplified the process for the jury and supported them during their deliberations.

To understand the jury working process, we ran several workshops with past jury members and administrators, interviewing them on both wants and needs, as well as running user tests on wireframe models, to ensure that the result would meet expectations.

Key insights that were incorporated into the final tool were:
– The administrator must be able to manage, in real time, what the jury sees on their screens;
– Jury members need to be able to work individually AND together;
– It is important that jury members can jump between entries.


Photo: Jenny Gustafsson


The final jury tool for The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers handles the whole journey of the entry from initial registration to final judging. It reduces administration while supporting jury deliberations, allowing easy back and forth switching between different file formats and kinds of work, allowing the jury to concentrate only on picking the best work from all the entries.