Touchpoint matrix

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Having the customer journey laid out, complete with how they felt going through it, it is time to understand what your company does to make the experience fantastic or horrible or, as in most cases, completely unmemorable. By defining all the activities your company does that influence customer behaviour during the journey from need to satisfaction, delivers a very broad view of actions to be designed.

The first time you do this, you will notice that many of the company’s activities have unintended consequences later on during the customer journey, and have never, ever been considered from a customer satisfaction point-of-view. Often, internal processes that influence customers at a later time, are considered only from a company convenience aspect and may even become a hindrance to the transaction.

The touchpoint map is built around 5 aspects, and mimics the way you would design a play. There are visible parts: the stage, the actors, the audience. Then there are invisible parts: the script and backstage. At the same time the journey can be broken down into before and after stages such as attract, choose, use, support and retention/loyalty.

By looking at your business in this way, and then specifically designing the process at each stage to meet customer expectations the best, will improve both financial performance, reduce marketing costs and focus investment where it makes the most sense.

Touchpoint Matrix - a service design tool