Brand Manual service design course
offers a structured introduction to service design.

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, …business …has …only two basic functions:
marketing and innovation.
All the rest are costs.”
— Peter Drucker, 1954

Service design = marketing + innovation

Service design is a customer / user centric development process that helps you deliver a better customer experience. In an environment where quality is universal, and you and your competitors say the same thing about the same thing at the same time, the customer experience is the only source of competitive advantage left.

The customer experience is what people share. Online. Offline.

Think “hotel websites with perfect pictures compared to TripAdvisor.”

Delivering a better customer experience is the goal of service design. This is something every company needs to know how to do themselves, not just buy in from consultants, like us.
Brand Manual Academy is a teach-the-teacher program, enabling you to later spread the skills within your own company.
We have two set service design courses: 1 for individuals from different organisations and 1 for teams from a single company. Available conveniently in Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia. And of course anywhere where we can travel to!

2-day open service design course

Designed for individuals

Lectures & workshops based on a hypothetical case.

Organised periodically based on a sign-up of minimum 20 people.

Using a hypothetical case, we’ll move through all the stages of a service design project, and touch upon the tools and methods to create improvement scenarios.
~ €450 / SEK 4500
per person
The price includes course material, lunch on two days as well as snacks and coffee / tea.

4-day private service design course

Designed for single companies

Lectures & workshops based on your company’s own case / project.

This course will also involve preparation work.

Organised as a 4 day sprint or 4 workshops over a month.

Using a real life case your company faces, we’ll move through all the stages of a service design project, and touch upon the tools and methods to come up with improvements and solutions.
starting from
€15000 / SEK 150000
The price includes course material. Preparation based on the company’s case, location, food etc are additional costs.

Custom service design course

Get a taste for service design. We’ve often done 1 or 2-day focused lecture / workshops with client innovation and product development teams. These serve different purposes: anything from inspiring your team to think in different ways, understanding empathy to generating 100’s of new ideas based on an understanding of customers.

Get in touch, if the set courses don’t meet your needs!

What we’ll cover

The concept

The course will take your through all the stages of a service design project. From defining who should be on your team through discovery, defining the problems to be solved, developing and testing solutions to delivering an improved service. It ends by summarising the project and presenting the learnings back to your company.

After all, improving a service isn’t the only challenge. To build a truly customer-responsive organisation, the whole company must learn to understand and respond to the customer’s point-of-view.

The customer experience matters because “92% of purchases are made based on recommendations from friends.*”

It’s not what you do, but how you do it, that creates the customer experience.

Innovation is about improving the customer experience to the point, where your customers talk to their friends about you.

Before you buy a TV, you google it. What you’ll find is what others' say about the TV based on their experience. They’ll describe how it was to choose it, buy it, use it and getting help with it.

Designing the customer experience helps to make sure, that these recommendations are positive.

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Free book with course

How to have your cake and eat it too

Amazon reader review


“This was a really well written book with wonderful insights. I've read many marketing books but few or close to none talk about "service design". Service design is about using empathy, delivering meaningful experiences and about asking the right questions. It made me rethink about the on boarding process with my clients. Questions like these come to mind: How can I simplify it for them? What is important and what is clutter? How can I make their lives easier with my services? We know that through a positive customer experience we are more likely to be talked about and to be referred.

One particular part of the book that I really like is when the author mentions, "The HOW is the value it delivers to the customer, because the WHAT has become a hygiene factor.”