• It’s not what you say
    about yourself.
    It’s what your customers
    say about you.

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Designing a friendly marina

Port Noblessner is a small marina within a short walking distance from central Tallinn. Originally a Soviet submarine base, it is now converting it’s military heritage into modern, welcoming funk. Development has been ongoing for several years – opening quays, a boat yard and a restaurant – but there is still a long way to go.

Seasons’ greetings

Our Christmas greetings are usually an exercise in making a simple statement into a very complicated in-house process. 2013 was no exception, but the result was worth it.
Each of us had just one word. But put in a row, these words make sense. In a way, this poster illustrates that when individuals get together for a reason, meaning is created.

“This murder was no accident. It was done by design.”

A hospital wanted to improve patient satisfaction. Finally they hit upon the notion that people are always grouped by their disease. But why? Why does it make sense to have people with broken bones in one room and cuts in the other?


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Friendly marina

When at sea you accept, that it won’t all be smooth sailing. So once you make it to the shore, the last thing you want is to experience an unfriendly harbour.

Yes, we ain’t got bananas

Start-ups that double in size annually are usually dealing with Apples. However, No Bananas is a seasonal retail concept that has geeks eating fresh berries.


It’s not what you do, but how you do it, that makes the difference. Nowhere is this more true than in grocery stores - so Prisma does a lot of things differently.